Chloe, the Chimera, and Me


Earliest known image of a Chimera

Hey Robine,

I just wrote a short story that might serve as a kind of creation myth or back story for a fantasy series. I’d love to know what you think of it after you read it.

In the story, a single mom, Caroline, learns she is dying. At the same time she discovers that she has a mythic connection to the Chimera, a creature with a lion’s body, a snake tail, and wings.

Caroline is all alone in the world except for her 14 year old daughter Chloe. Chloe is desperately unhappy because she doesn’t fit in at school, and she’s being bullied.

Before she dies, Caroline has to find guardians for Chloe to prevent her from having to go into foster care. She also wants to help Chloe get to a better emotional place before she loses her mother forever.

Caroline finds a way to do both through her connection with the Chimera.

Now I’m developing these ideas and characters to prepare for writing the next story in the series. The first story was told in the first person by Caroline. I’m going to tell the next story from Chloe’s POV. I love YA fantasy myself, and I’d like to try writing a young protagonist.

It’s been quite a long time since I was 13 myself, but I remember certain situations and feelings that strike me as universal, so I can draw on them. It is fiction after all, and if my Chloe is a bit wise beyond her years, I think that’s OK.

Caroline died as a human woman, but she was able to find a kind of immortality in her Chimera persona. Most people can’t see her unless she expends a lot of effort to make herself visible to them. However, Chloe can see her relatively easily because of their emotional connection, and this is also true of Caroline’s close friends.

I picture Chloe becoming a kick-ass young woman with serious commando skills, backed up by her chimera mother. I have to dream up the rules and powers of the chimera, figure out what Chloe’s skill set is, and develop the mother-daughter relationship. That last part should be fun because Chloe now has effectively two moms: the lioness and the snake.

Most importantly, I also have to think up an excellent conflict/adventure for this duo (trio?) to engage in. Caroline has set Chloe up with a new life in a new town. What’s the worm in the apple?

OK, that’s all for a Sunday evening. TTYL!


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